Au bonheur... des retrouvailles !
Au bonheur...   des retrouvailles !

"Dare the Beauce region", with our friend Alain GUILLOU

Alain GUILLOU is the creator of the concept "Dare the Beauce", since he likes so much sharing his passion for this region in France. 


Dressed as a gentleman in a period costume, he will make you take the time machine to live some local experiences, illustrated with historical, geographical, geopolitical knowledge in a very special, unique and fun way. 


For example, did you know that a Canadian province is named after "Denonville" as a tribute to the past linking France & Canada, and especially the famous castle located 2 minutes drive from our property? And did you know that Monvilliers was once the European capital of green asparagus, thanks to the Marquise DE VERNON who presented the curious vegetable found in the undergrowth by Simon PERROT, at the table of LOUIS XVIII?


Here under a few suggestions of visits that Alain GUILLOU will be happy to lead for you in French or English, in a tailored and interactive manner according to the age and center of interest of your group (8 to 15 people). In order to book one or several, please contact him directly on +33 (0)6 30 87 14 25.   


At Monvilliers, on the property


This little introduction to the history of Beauce (the Carnutes forest, the Druids, the town of Chartres formerly Autricum, the discovery of Simon PERROT and the local culture of green asparagus for the pleasure of the crowned tables of Europe) will allow you to enjoy your stay differently by placing the site in its context and history. Children will thus have the opportunity to get an illustrated experience of the history of France and to understand in a concrete and playful way the notion of heritage.


Price: 4 euros/adult, free for children under 10 years old  

Duration: 30 minutes

At the castle of Denonville, 2 km away


The history of the castle dates back to the invasion of the Romans who set up a farm in Denonville to supply Rome with Wheat. Over the years, this farm was fortified and then during the wars of religion became a fortified castle, surrounded by defensive dry moats. Denonville belonged to the HEMARD from 1200 to 1540, then to the BRISAY from 1540 to 1920. Appointed Governor of Canada, then Under Governor of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of King LOUIS XIV on his return from mission, Marquis Jacques René DE BRISAY left a strong imprint in the history of the castle. You can walk through the centuries from the vaulted vaults of the thirteenth century, to the dining room erected to the French manners as in the eighteenth century, and pass in the rooms restored by the large staircaseat Mansard style, in its magnificent double-volute wrought iron railing.


Price: 8 euros/adult, free for children under 10

Duration: 1h30

Water mill versus Windmill


A playful comparison of the differences in functioning between these complementary techniques using the forces of Mother Nature, which appeared at different times in the Beauce landscape. Start of the visit at the Moulin à Eau in Lonceux, 14 minutes from Monvilliers. Dating from the 18th century, this mill is one of the last water mills in operation in the region. A small tasting can be organized in addition to the visit to taste the homemade gingerbread bread made from the flour produced by the mill. The visit will then continue at the Grand Moulin using the wind in Ouarville, 6 minutes from Monvilliers, one of the most important and oldest wooden windmills, whose wings still turn in the sky of Beauce, and whose origin may go back to the 13th Century.


Price: 10 euros/adult, free for children under 10 years (tasting plus 2 euros/adult)

Duration: 2h30

Green asparagus at the farm of the Saint Pères


Received by monks of the time, you will discover in an amusing way the agricultural history of this land of Beauce known for its richness; especially that of green asparagus still cultivated today exclusively in this farm. You will be able to buy some in 5 kg crates from April to early June. Located in Réclainville 8 minutes from Monvilliers, visiting this farm will allow you to get in touch with the deep roots of this region of agricultural tradition, and also to learn some anecdotes about the religious habits at a certain time in France.


Price: 4 euros/adult, free for children under 10

Duration: 45 minutes

The Cathedrale of Chartres & the old town


A 20-minute drive from Monvilliers is the sublime Cathedral of Chartres dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, classified since 1979 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Emblematic of religious art, it became the model of the great Gothic cathedrals with its exceptional set of stained-glass windows (87%). This personalized visit will also include the surroundings of the cathedral in the maze of pedestrian streets of the old town leading to the charming wash houses and other curiosities illustrating the daily life of the inhabitants of the time... and until today!


Price: 15 euros/adult, free for children under 10
Duration: 2h30




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